1-3 OctoberKulturkvarteret


Welcome to the conference Spot on Food 2024, where we will explore the theme “Resilient Systems” through three perspectives: Entrepreneurship Diversity Preparedness.

Spot on Food is organised by Krinova - Sweden's largest and first incubator and science park with a focus on the food sector.

Join – and be empowered!

If we are determined enough, finding the solutions is possible

What to expect:

  • Learn about the latest insights and trends within sustainable food and agricultural innovation.
  • Meet the bravest and brightest entrepreneurs.
  • Focused networking through AI-powered matchmaking.
  • Enjoy the test kitchen “The Mindful Kitchen & Bar”, where you'll be served food and drinks from Swedish startups and local farms.
  • Engage in meaningful discussions over lunch with scientists and experts.
  • Take part in side events on Build up Day. I.e. Community dinner. For those who would like to dig even deeper into sustainable food production, there will also be an exclusive optional add-on Food road trip to some really innovative farmers/food producers near Kristianstad.

Parallel with this whole day conference Krinova also hosts the innovation competition Food Hack 1-3 October. The final and price ceremony will be part of the conference program. More information and tickets for the Food Hack.

See program here!

Meet the speakers & contributors

Frida Berglund

Sara Wimmercranz
Founding Partner of BackingMinds VC

Richard Man
Drinks innovator at Cocktails Made Incredible, Man Clan

Jessie Sommarström
Head of foodservices på Sodexo, Sommarström Grimlund

Thor Sigfusson
Founder and chairman, Iceland Ocean Cluster

Märta Jansdotter Aguirre
CEO Gröna Gårdar

Matthieu Vincent
Partner, Digital Food Lab

Annette Granéli
CEO and Co-Founder of Green-On

Anders Engström
Writer/trendspotter, focus on future food systems, AGFO

Tobias Degsell
Founder of Combiner AB

Maria Martinez
CEO Agrodit

Hannes Dempewolf
Global Managing Director, Antonelli Foundations

Estefania Simon-Sasyk
Founder, Mycelium Gastronomy Network

Andreas Hansen
Director, WFP Office for the Nordics and Baltics, UN World Food Programme

Gittan Schiöld
CCO & Co-founder, Re:meat

Jonas Maltha
Head of Commercial Development, Agreena

Avit Bhowmik
Environmental Scientist, Climate Solutionist, Karlstad University

Cajsa Torell
CEO Kobb

Jacob Peterson
Co-founder Foodtel AB

Karin Wendin
Professor Food and Meal Science, Kristianstad University

Maja Lippe
Chairman, Federation of Young Swedish Farmers Skåne​

Björn Schröder
Docent in Infection Biology, Umeå University

Fredrik Jonsson
Co-founder TekInn

Helena Allard
Sustainability innovator Primary production, Axfood

Baltzar Wachtmeister
CEO Wanås Gods AB

Anna Vanek
Business Development & Marketing Manager, Balsgård Foodtech

Johan Ljungquist
Founder of Gårdsfisk

Brian Mårtensen
Chef Mindful Kitchen & Bar, Business Designer Krinova Incubator & Science Park

Niklas Svensson
Farmer, Sixtorp gård

Per Modig
Agronomist, Fagraslätt

Camilla Palm
Chairman of the Municipal Board, Kristianstad

Be inspired by the brightest minds

The food system is navigating a new risk landscape, where one crisis often follows the next. We see a world situation with uncertainty in many places, floods, drought, energy crisis, and food and water scarcity. How can we adapt to these risks, increase preparedness, and make our food system more resilient? As essential as food is for human survival and well-being, it also poses significant challenges for the environment and society. But in the food system, we also find the solutions to many challenges. Join us in exploring how we can feed a growing population without compromising the health of the planet and its people while fostering innovation that is inclusive, equitable, competitive, and sustainable.

That's what Spot on Food is all about! 

The venue

The conference Spot on Food will take place at Kulturkvarteret on October 3rd. For those joining The Food Hack on 1-3 October to be hackers, the venue is at Krinova Incubator & Science Park.

How to get to Spot on Food

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